Monster Energy Tabs for Gear Promotion 2013

Hey Everyone,

As usual I am getting all kinds of questions about the Monster Energy Tabs for Gear promotion. Year 2 of the promotion completed on 12/31/12. If you didn’t get in your tabs by then, well sorry. You are not going to get anything.

The good news is that if you still have tabs or are still collecting, you are very smart. Monster Energy is rolling out the 3rd year of the Tabs for Gear promotion soon, and it will have even better prizes than the 2012 promotion. Oh yes, much better.

So the big question of course is “when does it start” and I cant give you that answer at this time. What I can say is that it will be sooner than later, and make sure you save all of your can tabs. When the promotion is live and ready to go, I will make a post about it on the Monster Camaro Facebook Page.

**EDIT** 3/20/13 – Sources at Monster Energy have now relayed to me that the 3rd Annual Gear for Tabs Promotion will begin on 5/1/13. May 1st. Now you know, so start saving tabs everyone! :) BTW, you heard it here first. ;) Remember who loves you….

Hope you guys are having a great year so far!

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SEMA 2012 Complete Photo Coverage

Hello everyone!

Sorry not so many blog posts lately, I have been VERY busy here in Dallas! I recently attended the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas and came back with a TON of cool pictures for you all to enjoy! Meeting up with industry friends, sponsors and supporters of the car was just awesome. 2013 really is going to be HUGE for me and the car. Stay tuned!

Enjoy the photos! Continue reading

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Monster Camaro Custom Roll-Bar by House of Hotrods

More details on the roll bar to come. Very custom work here. 2″ inner tube frame with sheetmetal outer shell. 4 points, bead rolled metal. Very solid. Welded to to the frame.

Monster Camaro Roll Bar Picture

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Monster Camaro @ Powercruise USA #2 Brainerd

When the phone rang in 2011 from a good friend of mine in Minnesota, I had no idea what he would want to talk to me about. He had just finished attending an event in Brainerd Minnesota called “Powercruise” which was in the USA for the very first time. He went on and on about how epic of an event it was, how you could do nearly anything you wanted in your car, and how much fun everyone had. His excitement about the event more or less convinced me then and there that I would attend the event in 2012 with the Monster Camaro. Of course driving 18 hours over 1100 miles one way would be a different problem I would have to sort out then.

Flash forward to 2012, and it’s a month before the event. Even 3-4 weeks out I was not sure if the car was going to come with me or not, although I had already committed to being there myself regardless. I did some research and information seeking and found that towing the car up myself was the most economical solution, at a fuel cost of around $400 each way under a full load. Once I knew I was driving, my wife, and my good friends Will and Josh decided to come along with me for the event.

My 2011 Silverado LT has an upgraded towing package that enables it to pull 10,000lbs, but I simply did not trust the stock brakes with that load. The great guys at STOPTECH who are a sponsor of the Camaro hooked me up with a new set of 380mm 6P Big Brakes for the truck. The guys over at Whiteside Customs in McKinney installed the set for me. When we got the brakes on the truck we found that the stock wheels would not fit! We made an emergency run over to a wheel distribution warehouse in Grand Prairie and picked up a set of American Racing 20” wheels just to get it back on the road. Not my first choice of wheels at all, but they were a fit for the stock tires and would go over the brakes. Later I would learn how good of a decision it was to upgrade the brakes.

I rented a 20’ trailer from the good people at Ellis Trailer Supply in Dallas. The rate for an entire week was only $400, which I can tell you all is a super cheap bargain. Check them out if you are in DFW and ever need to rent an enclosed trailer for your car.

The day before we left, I took the Camaro in the trailer to Showroom FX detailing in Addison for the Master Steve Pastor to detail on the Monster Camaro. I already knew that the car would never be the same again after Powercruise, so I wanted to make sure it looked its best for photos. Steve spent 4 hours detailing the car out and polishing the wheels up. I am very impressed with his detailing work and ability’s and would tell anyone in the DFW area to check him out for high-end details.

Continue reading

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Monster Camaro now sponsored by Hoosier Racing Tire

The Monster Camaro has parted ways with Nitto Tire after a 18 month relationship. Its bittersweet, but Hoosier is a better fit for the camaro and it’s needs at this time. I would like to thank Nitto Tire for their support and compliment the incredible performance of the NT05 tires. They are an outstanding choice.

For 2012-2013, I will now be running Hoosier R6 295/30/18 tires. These tires are a DOT spec, super sticky dry surface tire. Its specially made for traction in all racing situations. Stay tuned for more videos of the hoosier/stoptech combo on the Monster Camaro!

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Thompson Motorsports sponsors Monster Camaro LSX 408 Build

The Monster Camaro has recently been sponsored by Thompson Motorsports. Thompson wanted to take on the task of building a serious engine for the car that could make great N/A hp and outstanding Nitrous HP. Trevin Lindsey, a famous machinist and racer from the area is doing the filing, honing and assembly. I am humbled to have someone as skilled as Trevin working on my engine himself.

-6.0L LQ9 GM Iron Block
-Blueprinted by Thompson Motorsports
-Zero Decked

-Arias 4.030 Bore
-File Fit Rings by Trevin Lindsey
-Eagle Connecting Rods, 6.125 Forged 4340 H-Beam
-ARP 2000 Rod Bolts

Check back soon for more updates as they happen. You can find Thompson Motorsports online at

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