Get free Monster Energy gear with your Drink Tabs!

I have been saying for a while now that you need to “save your tabs”. Well, there was a reason for that, and now I am finally allowed to share it with you.

The new Monster Energy Gear promotion awards you for drinking Monster with free gear! On this site you can select from 4 items, which all have a value of “tabs” assigned with them. You have to pay $4.95 shipping and handling per item, and then you can get up to 2 of each item per address. When you order, they charge you for the shipping and handling, and then wait for your tabs to arrive. Once they confirm the tabs, they send you out your free gear in 6-8 weeks. Yeah, kind of a long time but at least it’s super cheap.

The MAX that anyone is supposed to be able to do is: 2 Beanies, 2 Mens Shirts, 2 Womens Shirts and 2 Hoodies. The grand total on that in the USA is 270 tabs + $39.60 Shipping and Handling. Of course, if you paid retail for 270 Monsters, you would have spent nearly $1000 so I suppose you deserve some free gear?

Good Luck!!

*EDIT 1/4/12*

Hi guys, Jared here. The promotion ended on 12/31/11 and if you did not get your tabs and info in by then its too late! No word yet on if Monster is planning a new promotion for tabs in 2012, but you will know as soon as I do if you like me on facebook at . Remember, I am just sponsored I do not work for Monster! I do not have any information on your order, your shipping info, or tracking. Good luck to all you guys and thanks for the love and support of the Monster Camaro!


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434 Responses to Get free Monster Energy gear with your Drink Tabs!

  1. robert sells says:

    this is a great deal if you are a real monster fan.

  2. Shannon says:

    So do all tabs count? I have some old ones that are just green with no monster logo and some that are silver (larger cans) What about the import & nitrous versions with no caps? Do the sticker covers count or lids?

    • yea i was wondering the sme thing cause i have sme of the twrist of caps and wantied to know if i can sent those in.also r thay still taken the tads or not smeone said there no longer doing the tabs that you have to by any moster stuff you want .plz if ne one knows ne thing about it let me know asap for my child birthday also how do i just buy smethingwith my card like a shrit and is this all the monster stuff thay have?or can i go on to a diff. site and see more monster things????????? thanks so much for ne ones help

    • samantha says:

      can you really not turn in the tabs anymore please let me know. thanks samantha

    • jacob says:

      no only tabs srry

    • Carole Smith says:

      I buy Monster coffee by the case. Have turned all my friends on to it. Love the flavors.Kona Blend my favorite.Please tell me if ther is a store in Raleigh Durham Burlinton Greensboro North Carolina area where I can buy stuff for my truck. By the way I am a young 62 year old Grandma. Thanks!!!

  3. Daniel Costales says:

    Just wondering what kind of tabs we need to save on the drinks some have the M on them some dont please let me know thank you

  4. Jared Guynes says:

    Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that ALL TABS do count! The drinks MUST have tabs (no Nitrous/Extra Strength) but the old style and new style both work! Hope that helps. Lemme know if you have any more questions.

  5. Tex Herrell says:

    I want to place an order, how do i go about this.

  6. Emil American Horse says:

    How about the big mega monster can lids? thats all me and my buddies drink because they are the perfect size. Thats all we been saving.

  7. Keeley Gilmour says:

    Do all Colour’s Count? and When Does is End?

  8. salena says:

    What address do I send the tabs to??

  9. jen says:

    i save my tabs from all caned things idrink to give tohospitals and to people who need dialises that cant aford it what do you do with the ones ppl send back and iwould much rather have more monster than stuff can that be aranged?

  10. Drew H says:

    When I’m placing my order I put in my address to where I want the package and its in pink then I try to complete order and it will not let me go further let me know I got the tabs I think the program is trying to say my street address is spelled wrong . What to do.?

  11. alyssa gin says:

    when does it end?

  12. ali says:

    when does it end?

  13. chet says:

    when is the deadline 2 have them sent in !!

  14. dave says:

    what a deal! can i send in extra tabs for some damn stickers too?

  15. amy says:

    monster are the best

  16. Joe says:

    I drink alot of monster expresso do those tabs count as well they are not colored nor have an M on them.

  17. LINDA says:

    Where do I mail the tabs too, I want to send a check not a credit card….Please help me, tyvm

  18. Amber Dibbert says:

    Where do we send the tabs to ?

  19. richard flowers says:

    Monster fan for life.

  20. jimmy harris says:

    do the stickers count thanks

  21. james says:

    if you live in canada how do you do this bc i just seen this tab thing does it work the same why?

  22. MontserGirl says:

    Are you KIDDING ME!?!? I have been drinking these DAILY for YEARS!!! I had no idea =,( But I will be saving my tabs from now on!! =D I hope this does include shipping to Canada, I swear I spend a couple grand a year on Monster.

  23. Dascia says:

    Where do I send my tabs too?(:

  24. Biggunz says:

    After the promotion is over .Should I keep collecting for future promotions, or is it a one time deal…

  25. andrea` says:

    do you guys ship to canada?

  26. Jared Guynes says:

    Looks like they dont have an option for us big guys!

  27. Randi says:

    what if u r a bigger size than an extra large?

  28. Dominic says:

    whats the address and city i send my tabs to

  29. dano says:

    what happens if u ordered the wrong size????
    i already sent in the tabs so idk what to do

  30. Robert says:

    does it matter what color monster tabs they are? Like can i send in a few green and blue ones in for an item?

  31. Jesse says:

    I’d just like to say thank you to whoever invented monster. it’s the best drink ever. and i have alot of tabs, and i’d like alot of gear, am i allowed to get alot of stuff?

  32. Alyssa says:

    do the other color tabs work like orange, red, black, and purple? cuz i have them from recent years. if you could tell me that would be great =) thank you

  33. mike green says:

    um so is it over now ? havent seen no comments in the last two months ?

  34. Jessica says:

    I received my e/mail confirming my order has been shipped and it gave my a order number but it didn’t say who was delivering it. (ups, fedex, ect ????)
    How do i Track my order?

  35. Ellarae Watson says:

    Hi my daughter Christina ordered a hoodie and T shirt in Sept and we have not received them yet could you please email me and I will give you the order number so we can find out where they are!! Thank you

    • Jared Guynes says:

      Ellarae, I do not work for Monster and cannot process the orders. Everything being sent in is going direct to Monster and not to me! I am just a blogger who was spreading the word about the awesome promotion!

    • Mary says:

      I just talked to them And everything was on back order so they just started shipping everything out. And she told me it takes 6-8 weeks from the time they confirm your order. they took my payment off my card on 1-3-12 but didnt confirm my order until 1-11-12 That doesnt make any sence.

  36. chet says:

    can U send a money order

  37. kelcee says:

    how do i send them? whas he address??

  38. Carlie says:

    Heey…. Uhm… My questions is why do we have to pay if its free…

  39. Jordan Ertel says:

    Where do i send the tabs too ?

  40. Cindy Spinney says:

    where do I send the tabs an address please

  41. nick says:

    when dose shiping come

  42. Ellarae Watson says:

    Can you give me an email or phone # where I can get ahold of someone at Monster that can help me with my order I have not received……I can not find a way to contact them ?

  43. nick says:

    how do you finish your order

  44. Marlon Barce says:

    Pls. help me on how can i order a sweatshirt cuz i have more than a hundreds of tabs

  45. Marlon Barce says:

    anybody pls. help me on how to order a sweatshirt cuz i have hundreds of tabs

  46. Joel says:

    I have 43 tabs, now I am looking at the website and you require an addition 39.50 for shipping. That is a little ridiculous considering every drink is anywhere between $2.50- 4.00.
    $2.50 x 43 tabs= $107.50. If I had known that we would be basically paying for the product after spending all the money on the energy drinks, I wouldn’t have bothered. Is there any way around the shipping fee? Thanks so very much.


  47. tim says:


  48. Jacob says:

    Yeah I made an order for the sweatshirt and sent in exactly 50 tabs for it and a check in a envelope with stamps on it but I never got a confirmation e-mail for anything from monster, does this mean something?

  49. Christopher gonzalez says:

    i really hope th old red ones count. And wow people cant read comments

  50. aaron says:

    will they do it again ???

  51. megan says:

    can you send the monster tabs on the last day????

  52. Michelle says:

    Is this promotion over? I have tabs ready to order and the link you supplied is not working.

  53. salvador says:

    are you guys going to make another promotion..???

  54. Richard Canales says:


    I was wondering if there is gonna be another promotion for the pull tabs? I have been saving my tabs and didn’t realize there was a deadline.



    • Jared Guynes says:

      Hi Richard,

      No word on that yet from Monster. Signs point to yes but nothing official yet at this time.

      Like me on facebook and you will be the first to know as soon as I do!

  55. Justin L says:

    i heard of this a long time ago and have been saving up 143 monster tabs and i was just about to send em in today but now the website is down :’( i want free monster gear :’(

  56. Shannon says:

    I have sent in my tabs awhile ago and still have not recived my order.. Is there a number or a way of me to find out what is happening with my order..

    • Jared Guynes says:

      There is no email, number or way to be contacted that I am aware of. I have heard they send an email when the order leaves, and to expect is 6-8 weeks after they get everything on their end. All I can suggest is to be patient.

  57. mlmappin says:

    like to know were i would sent my tabs to
    thank you jacbie

  58. peter23 says:

    I sent my tabs off September 29th and I still haven’t received anything. Three months later…. What’s up with that?

  59. scott mcallister says:

    were do i send my pull tabs for free stuff

  60. N2KMaster says:

    AW! Crap! deadline ended, i was saving to, almost had enough for a hat or shirt, BOOO!!!! We need more of these.

  61. Brandy says:

    I understand you are not monster energy but maybe you can help clear up the rules for me. I can’t find them now that gear promotion is over. My bf was confused but thought it only needed to b “ordered” n sh/handling paid by 12-31-11 so he put the order in. I was under the impression that the tabs needed to b post marked n sent out by 12-31-11 also, do u know if that is true? Thx :)

  62. xXDanimalXx420 says:

    yea i had 50 tabs saved up but didnt have the funds in time to get them sent in with the payment.. it sucks you ended it so soon i hope you start it up again and maybe even get some more gear! ;) great promotion. more company’s should do this!

  63. Mizz Carrayy says:

    Are you guys gonna continue the contest into 2012….I go to Law School and have a shiznut ton of tabs but seen u had to have them sent in by 12-31-11….just wondering Bro.

  64. tim shenett says:

    Are you guys doing this again low key i won’t tell anyone

    • Jared Guynes says:

      LOL anything posted here is not “low key”. Nothing official at this time.

      • Monsterchick says:

        These people don’t read i assume? lol
        EVERYONE: the promotion ended 12/31/12 If you didnt have your tabs sent in by that date, no gear, the link is down because the promotion is over. Just be patient i’m sure they’ll have another one eventually so save your tabs!!!

        It takes time for your gear to be delievered… you will get it 6-8 weeks AFTER they recieved the tabs that you mialed out, just be patient guys, monster IS NOT trying to rip you off. I got my gear and i LOVE it! Beanie was perfect for racing on the track on the ice this year (;

  65. Jen says:

    hey you still doin this for 2012?

  66. taylor says:

    its always a good day wen somone buys u a monster and 20 min later a random person gives u 1 and a bunch of stickers

  67. Ridiculous says:

    I have been saving these monster tabs now for three months and didnt see any where on the site that the contest ended on 12/31/11. I reached 100 so i could get myself and girlfriend a hoodie and they wont accept them now that i’m a week late?! This corporation probably makes more than a billion dollars in revenue each year and cant “afford” to just accept my 200 dollars worth of tabs so i can make my girlfriend a little happier?! I realize I AM THE ONE TOO LATE but i’m just sayin, show some appreciation for the little guys and poor people who still buy your products which make it possible for the company to pay your million dollar rockstars. Sorry to sound like a cry baby, just irritated.

  68. Jen says:

    I heard that this was all FAKE n people handen their tabs in and got nothing in return..

  69. Kristen says:

    my husband and i put it our orders and we still have not been able to get our orders. I am wondering how do i find out where they are located by some kind of shipping number. I do have the order numbers though.

    • Jared Guynes says:

      I get this email all the time. I do not know of any kind of tracking number or shipping information. The only thing people got were order numbers. All I can suggest from my position is to be patient, and if you get uneasy use the “contact us” link on the main page of

    • Jerry says:

      Kristen, its real. I got 2 hoodies and a shirt. I placed my order in sept and receieved the items in mid dec. Monster will send u an email letting you know when they sent it.

  70. CodyLucynski says:

    Will they do this again? And if so do you know when?

    • Jared Guynes says:

      As I have said in other comments, I am not sure at this time if they will do another contest. My sources say “yes” but this is not official, and no time table has been established.

  71. tricia says:

    i place a order on the 11-30-11 amd mail in my tabs. how do i find out, were my order is


  72. Paige says:

    I also saved up a lot of tabs and forgot to send them by Dec 31. I remembered 1/1/12… too late! I am going to keep saving them because May 2012 they are doing another promotion. They really do send the merchandise. i received a women’s t shirt and a beanie for my tabs and 4.95 each for s/h. Love me some monsters!!

  73. Mitch says:

    They should do another promotion for tabs… Cause I have over 60 tabs that are useless now…

  74. bhupen says:

    this is awesome even for casual drinkers, a friend told me and i have been collecting, now i got 100 tabs, omg,cant’ wait to get something. that would be so cooooooool

    i love you Monster. Original one rocks and also I read so many times the writings you guys right on a bottle, the one called IMPORT dition had amazing writing and I had to show to so many of my friends and they are hooked with it because of it’s cute design as well. here is a few line from the can import one ok.. you gonna enjoy and perhaps grab it tomorrow

    “If you can open and close the cap with one hand you probably dated a lot when you were younger.” RLOL big time.

  75. jose a cervantes says:

    took forever but i got my gear…….thanks

  76. Terry says:

    A friend submitted his order October 12, 2011 online. Sent in tabs 2 days later, and no email confirmation of shipment or delivery of items yet. Payment was made with creditcard at time of order.

    Has anyone else who submitted their order in October not yet received email notification?

    I submitted my order on September 11, 2011 online. Sent in tabs 5 days later, and received email confirmation of delivery on October 28, 2011 (approx 6 weeks). I received the items on November 15th.

  77. Rachelle Lee says:

    Please let me know when a new promotion starts! Thanks!

  78. Ashley Bodnar says:

    Hi there,

    We placed our orders in October and still haven’t recieved our free gear.

    Is there a number I can call?


  79. Stephany says:

    That sucks it ended… I was collecting them b4 I found out about this. I hope they do another one cuz I have alot of the tabs…

  80. Travis says:

    awee the promotion ended wahh =( i was saveing them up forever now i really wanted that hoddie and shirt

  81. Jamie Capps says:

    WHen it was going on someone told me it could be any energy drink tab is that true…

  82. Jamie Capps says:

    im not a big monster fan but my step daughter and her boyfriend is

  83. Brandon says:

    Well that sucks cause i got enough tabs to get the hoodie and other things and i went to order and as soon as i sent the request it said i was too late and it was only 11-1-11 that makes me mad i think you guys should redo it cause that would be awsome for me and and alot of my friends who save the tabs

  84. CHAD KIDDER says:

    Me and my girl love our hoodies and beanies!!! Thanks Monster!!!!!
    bty:I drink ’bout 4 cases (24 count) a month!

  85. Stacey says:

    mayday mayday!! i ordered but dont know where to send my tabs and i cant find itttttttt!!

  86. Logan says:

    This is an awesome deal…I’m a huge monster fan and sent in my tabs dec 9…now I’m just waiting…will u guys send me something stating that u have gotten the tabs or if I haven’t heard anything does that mean everything is okay? But anyways like i said I’m a huge monster fan I would love to hear about any new promos that you’ll offer…UNLEASH THE BEAST!!!!

  87. Ashley says:

    Me and my boyfriend just found out about this today, hopefully this new promotion thing comes out soon, cause i want monster stuff (:

    but anyway… im gonna say people should read all the comments before they ask something. cause alot of their questions you already answered in previous comments. i was getting irritated by just reading them, haha.

  88. Bill says:

    Hey i sent my order in dec 15 and was wondering how long it takes to receive the items?

  89. Bill says:

    I sent my tabs off on the 15th of dec and still havent received my gear, how long does it take to get the gear? And if I somehow missed the promo who do I talk to to get my package i sent to you guys back?


    • Tina says:

      it took me almost 8 weeks to get my stuff, I imagine since you sent it towards the end of the promo, it will take at least that long, be patient, it’s cool stuff.

  90. Mike Bodinet says:

    I ordered a hoodie and a beanie on 12/2/11 and I sent 75 tabs via held in a small box I just reread my confirmation email and it said they should be sent in a bubble envelope, will this affect my order even though I have a confirmation email from the post office saying it was delivered?

  91. Mike Bodinet says:

    I meant via usps stulife smartphone lol

  92. Amber says:

    I sent in my tabs and the shipping fee for the monster beanie on november 17thand I still haven’t got my hat is there a way to check up on that jared or no ?

  93. peter23 says:

    I placed my order in September and still haven’t received anything. I’m starting to think the whole promo was a scam to get suckers like myself to buy 2-4 monsters a day. I sent in 130 tabs @ $3+ a piece. That’s a lot of $……. And there is no number or e-mail address to contact anyone.

  94. Kori says:

    I sent in my tabs and check on the 12th of December; placed my order and everything. I still haven’t gotten my stuff.

    • Mary says:

      I just talked to them and they said that everything was on back order they just got the stuff in so they are starting to mail it out. but they are going on the months that it was confirmed in not the day you ordered it. I ordered it in dec but it wasnt confirmed until jan 11 th so I will be one of the last ones to recieve my stuff. And She said you will get an email that it has been shipped. It also will take 6 to 8 weeks from the date it was confirmed so I should get mine around march 7th at the latest. Hope this helps

  95. Abbi says:

    Thanks for the info Jared. I missed out this time around but will save tabs for (hopefully) future promotions. I will definately be liking you on fb :)

  96. mtope13 says:

    pissed off with monster!!! where’s my hoodie? paid s&h and sent tabs around nov.18th and still nothing! just wondering if anyone else has been waiting this long besides peter23? what’s up with other people getting there shit in like 3 weeks? I worked really hard on collecting these tabs and pretty sure my kidneys are shot!

    • Jonah says:

      Yup, me too. I sent in on the 30th of November for the hoodie. Never got a confirmation telling me they sent or anything. I still haven’t gotten it. Way back in September I sent in for the beanie. I got that in about two weeks I think.

  97. kendra32 says:

    I ordered my stuff on dec. 30, payed, mailed all tabs needed,hope it comes sooner than some of you, it did say 6 to 8 weeks. Here is a number I called and I actually spoke to a person 1866-322-4466

  98. zaCH says:

    yep november 14th total scam havent recieved shit!!! guess go back to red bull addiction

  99. Princess says:

    well crappers, just figured how to get to the link and read that it is over, i guess I will be continuing to collect and be a monster fan !
    ride out monster style ~ O

  100. lisa says:

    i just called the number that kendra 32 mentioned and they were fantastic! they are back ordered to beginning of november and just received more stuff January 15 and has sent out stuff to people they are getting another order feb 15. maybe zach you should give them a call and find out what your status is

  101. lisa says:

    they mentioned to me that the next promo starts in may!

  102. carmela manzo says:

    Hi. I placed an order at the end of December for the free monster gear. It was for two XL sweaters. I paid the shipping and handling on the 30th of Dec. Then seen the tabs had to be n by the middle of January. They went out the first week of January. I was wondering if my order is on its way. I’d really appreciate your feedback. Thanks

  103. zaCH says:

    yeah emailed and said same thing. lol think said may 16th for new stuff wonder what all will have now. maybe a another hoodie for next winter. may be here by then lol

  104. Deborah in Tx says:

    I placed my order by credit card on November 16th, shipped my tabs within next 2-3 days. I have not received my order of 4 items yets. I will update on here when I do so that everyone can see about how long it took. This is my first time ordering. the kids keep asking, “when is the Monster Gear coming in?” All I can say is “whenever it gets here”. I hope its before the weather turns too warm for hoodies lol


    My young son collected the 100 TABS to order sweatshirts for the both of us (order#27VTP7AZ),this was over 4 months ago and he has not received his order.
    Who can we contact to inquire on the status of the order.

    If the order was lost in transit, how can I purchase a sweatshirt for my son size small, it really bothers me when he comments that his freinds received their sweatshirts and he did not.

  106. Tee says:

    I just want to thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put into to this, basically for nothing. You have the patience of a Saint! But for all those who obviously belong to the club of not reading the manual, and then wondered why the bookshelf is crooked, I would like to point a few things out to these fellow posters, that you yourself have mentioned multiple, multiple times.

    • Heyy i agree with Tee He or She is right eather way like seriously he is probably doing you a scam like he dosnt even know anything bout monster but to say “its over” every one that has put their effort or that tried to , isn’t so happy they spent that much money trying to win something and you just say “it’s over”.yeah, its dissapointing but on the Bright Side Jared kinda saved your money cause if he hadn’t tell you guys, you would still be spending money and then when you go and try to send it to the Monster Company they might not accept it but on the Other bright side jared said that there will be a new promotion so start saving and Love Monster <3 hehehehehehe byez and thankieez!

  107. Tim forman says:

    hey what would it take to get you to sponsor my monster camero this yrat for car shows and criz nights

  108. Scott says:

    I sent in my tabs before the dead line date and still have not received my gear how long should It take to get to me? Beginning to think I might not get it.

  109. tkerr says:

    just an update called the # from above they are just now filling the orders from November.

  110. missy says:

    i have been drinking Monsters ever since last year and i have had at least 25 of them and now i am trying the Mega monster and it is AWESOME!!!!!

  111. Dylan (Pickle) says:

    Monster Energy needs to do another promotion I have 4,593 tabs and more coming, so we need another promotion please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. kistek says:

    Will there be another promotion for 2012?! We missed this one…. boooooooo

  113. Roger says:

    I I sent in my order on Dec 15 and i havent received my sons hoddie my son keeps asking i hope it comes soon.

  114. will says:

    there is another promotion comming up in may

  115. Tom says:

    I have over 1200 tabs for the upcoming promotion, sure would be nice to see a little sneak peek of whats to come. Any insider help on this Jared? ;)

  116. dylon says:

    can u still turn in the monster tabs and get monster stuff from it

  117. Andrea says:

    I placed an order and so far have received the hoodie. This is NOT a scam!! I will be calling though on my other products just to make sure. I am glad someone posted a number :) Cant wait for the next promo…i am still saving my tabs lol

  118. kris says:

    I still haven’t received mine either

  119. Victoria says:

    So, the promotion is over, and there might be another “tabs” promotion this year… do we keep all the tabs we have now, or do they not count for 2012. Any certain tabs?

  120. dd says:

    like everybody else, i sent in 276 tabs b4 the deadline in dec around the 22 of dec it was confirmed they got my tabs and now look at the date its way past 8 weeks and i still dont have my gear ,,,,,,and like a lot of you i drank my ass off and spent a lot of duckies …thats money for u people that keep asking jared all these questions he cannot answer why ? because if you would read ..the guy doesn’t work for monster ….he’s just being cool to all and answering stuff he can for people that are freaking out like myself that are wondering why we haven’t received out gear ..i guess all we can do is wait ..wait ….wait and keep praying someday we will eventually get our stuff ..i hope it gets here soon, its been way longer then 8 weeks i can tell you that …..until the next buzz u get from drinking to many monsters..see u all at the waiting line //////////good luck ..hopefully we wont need it long.

  121. jesse says:

    i sent in 50 tabs for the sweatshirt and the shipping and handling money back in November and i still haven’t received the shirt? how long does it take?

  122. Chris says:

    I ordered my stuff December 3rd and they took my money and still have not got my stuff yet almost 3 months

  123. Chris says:



  124. Brad says:

    I called the number Jared suggested. They asked for the name of the person who placed the order, order number, and order date. I was told they recently restocked so my order should ship in 2-3 weeks. They said they’ll send an email when the order is shipped. My order date was Dec. 17th. Too much drama being made out of this. Just call the number.

  125. Brandon Pirkola says:

    I completed this deal on 12/14/11. I sent my tabs in and you took $24.95 from me and todays date is 3/4/12 and I still have not recieved my merchandise from you guys. please email me and explain to me why I still have not recieved my merchandise or please refund me my money.
    Brandon Pirkola

  126. Chris says:

    I sent in my tabs the first week of December, and just got my order 2 days ago. They sent me an e-mail that said it shipped, and it was here in 2 days.

  127. Joseph DeAngeles says:

    Hey I was wondering if anyone can help I sent in my form and tabs on Dec. 8, 2012 and it said 8 to 10 weeks but I still have not received anything does anyone have a number or email I can contact to check on my order number. Thanks, Joey D

  128. Angela Driver says:

    Dissapointed!! I sent in tabs for a Monster Hat on Dec 14th 2011. It breaks my heart watching my 10year old son wait for the mail everyday and the dissapointed look on his face because we have yet to hear or receive anything!

  129. Travis Deese says:

    Just wondering if you can accept the 24 oz. lids. I drink the 24oz. one with the lid so I don’t spill it at work.

  130. Abbi says:

    Poor Jared :) I feel so sorry for you having to explain it over and over again.

  131. joe says:

    I sent my tabs in December 20 got my hoodie delivered to me two weeks later. Now I’m saving up again for this year…. Thanks for the free stuff. Oh and by the way its awesome too.

  132. Corey says:

    I put my order for 2 hoodies and a beanie on November 30.. I got them via UPS 3 days ago. I hope this helps! Just be patient, the gear is NICE!!

  133. jesse says:

    i just got my sweatshirt 3 days ago and i sent in the 1st week in november but i finally got it so im happy

  134. Richie says:

    I am wondering how long is it sapose to be before we are to recieve our monster gear? I thought the add said 4-6 weeks, and it’s now going into the 3rd month. Can we get some kind of answers and our gear so we can rock it!

  135. Krupdog says:

    Jared Sorry you have to deal with this. This is what happens when you try to be nice. But, from me thanks for all the info. It took a while to get stuff. But it was worth the wait. Love the camaro. Cool Ride.

  136. kohl says:

    uh so can we still get stuff, and if so how?

  137. Kelly Taylor says:

    I hope and pray that you all do something like this in the 2012 season as well, I think that would be great, I know what their are alot of people still collecting the tabs. Myself and family members have over 450 actully a little more then that also. I have alot and missed your deadline………….darn Im sure theirs nothing u can do about it now of course, but if so would you please send me a e-mail to

    Thanks for your help!

  138. ArndtYouErin says:

    Jared, do you have to capabilities of updating this blog post and turning off the comments? You are truly a patient man. I could never answer these dumb questions over and over.

    My husband is curious to know if the new gold tabs on the Rehab are special. If anyone knows, please respond :)

  139. Heather says:

    What is the address so i can send my tabs??

  140. Heather says:

    Can i send my tabs or is it to late??

  141. Travis says:

    Put in my order for 2 hoodies and a beanie on December 27th. The received my beanie today but still waiting on hoodies.

  142. Zed Kosnar says:

    I placed my order around December 20th 2011, about 10 days ago I received an email saying my order was shipped, I just got my package today… So be patient and good luck, I’m pretty sure you guys will get your stuff soon too.

    And Jared, I admire you patience, Cheers!

  143. Hero3 says:

    Free MONSTER SWEATER without having to turn in 50 tabs or wait 8-10 weeks or paying S&H

  144. melissa says:

    Soo I placed my order in dec and its now march and I have yet to recieve my stuff! They charged me for shipping and took that out when I ordered it? Its been over 8 weeks? How long does it really take?

  145. Brandon says:

    Do bfc tabs count

  146. Autumn says:

    I was saving for everything, got up to 150 tabs, then I saw the offer already ended..-_-

  147. Sam says:

    Can you send out emails when the new tab promo starts?

  148. Michelle says:

    I’ve read all these damn comments, I swaer people can NOT read!!
    I just wanted to know if you knew when the new promotion for 2012 will start? Will 2012 be alomsot over by then or what? LOL
    Wish Rockstar & Redbull would do this too. Thanks!!

  149. bill reynolds says:

    ready for some free gear. I spend alot of money on monster

  150. Andy says:

    due to popular demand, monster is out of stock till april 16… then they will be continuing the shipment process… but they did tell me theyre gonna send out free stickers with those back orders.

  151. Bailey says:

    this is stupid. if yall want more sales, yall should be still giving out stuff for the tabs. just giving yall a little advice

  152. trevor says:

    ok so i have been reading all the comments and some say o the promotion is over and some say o i just sent in so is it still going on????

  153. andy k says:

    got an email back from monster’s rep, they’re going to have an promo again around may of 2012, can’t wait!

  154. hey will some please tell me if gold tabs are rare or special or something b c i have some and i cant find an answer anywhere??????

  155. michael says:

    yeah i got the same email that says the new promotion starts may 1st

  156. Jackson gerving says:

    hi im jack im10 I love monster energy drinks

  157. thomas says:

    just bought a monster and it had the free team gear promo on the side, did i buy a year old Monster? oh well still tastes good………………………………….

  158. Julie Kauth says:

    I was wanting to know how long it takes to get the gear that I sent in for I sent in my tabs in December and I still have not heard or receved any thing in the mail about it so if any one knows sumthing about it or could tell me about tracking it please let me no

  159. jay says:

    how about the caps for mega monsters do they count

  160. Quentin Deaton says:

    ah cmon man!! i have 118 monster tabs on a necklace!! yall gotta go and make a nother promotion soon man… i really wanted a beenie, sweat shirt and hoodie…

  161. Brian says:

    I also missed the promo which ended on 12/31 and can’t wait for the new promo.

  162. Rohm Carlson says:

    When I spoke to a rep from Monster back in November, they told me that a new promotion was comming in May 2012. Caps, nor stickers will work for the promotion that’s what the rep told me when I called to ask. So save your tabs people and get some cool gear.

  163. Mary says:

    okay so we SHOULD save our tabs? im soo late on the whole tab saving thing but ive been saving them just in case and so am i right? we should save them for 2012?

  164. Joe Dayy says:

    i have 149 tabs :)

  165. joe says:

    I drink a minimum of 2 monsters every day I’m 17 and have been saving them for Idk how long and have a total of 1736 tabs all green ones filling two bfc’s and then some I am addicted to them can’t go a day without them I hope there is another thing I can send them in for to get gear

  166. Brittany says:


    loving fan

  167. JLett says:

    hey have they restarted the rewards agin? ive been saveing since last year i was to late to send them in and since then my tab collection has tripled….like to know ASAP thanks lots!

  168. Chris says:

    When is the next promotion for the monster tabs

  169. Luke says:

    So it starts again 2marro?

  170. krupdog says:

    Is the website still the same for the free gear or is there a new one its May 1st and nothing on web yet.

  171. Ed says:

    YESS,the free monster gear is up now with more stuff,been waiting a while now for this i never stopped collecting monster tabs,got more than 100 tabs i,m ready to unleash the beast..

  172. Chris sidener says:

    Or youcan go on eBay and buy 100 tabs for 10 dollars haha that’s what I’ve been doing

  173. I’m the biggest fan of monster. Indeed collecting monster cans for a long time and I have a web so every one could see my cans and if poeple can help me out that be great n I have a monster man cave n I need a monster mini fridge more swag n a banner. I drink monster n wear it every day n at night. My address 2427 Sheffield trail Hayden Id 83835. If u can hook me up for free that will be great. Thanks. Always drink monster everyone.


  174. Hi everyone I’m the biggest fan of monster. Indeed collecting monster cans for a long time and I have a web so every one could see my cans and if poeple can help me out that be great n I have a monster man cave n I need a monster mini fridge more swag n a banner. I drink monster n wear it every day n at night. My address 2427 Sheffield trail Hayden Id 83835. If u can hook me up for free that will be great. Thanks. Always drink monster everyone.


  175. Nicole says:

    Hey,do they come in any other sizes other than a XL?Say like a size small?

  176. Phillip Shirley says:

    I just got a new can last week that advertised the new promotion… I have been saving for a while, my girl was gonna make me a belt and buckle with my tabs….. Now I’m getting some free gear instead……hell yeah! =-O 2 to 3 green monsters everyday saved tabs pretty quick…..

  177. raul says:

    says hear offer ends December 31 of 2012 and it says 8-10 weeks

  178. Reinhart Nazzi says:

    Love all of your products. I work 10 to 12 hr. shifts. Helps me perform at my best. Thanks for the promotion. I work in a freezer and need skull caps. This is awesome. Need to do more often. Show ur colors wear monster gear. Kimmel is the monster a King.

  179. Mandy 921 says:

    Jared, you are one helluva man to put up with all the same crap over and over! BIG PROPS TO YOU MAN!

  180. Koe says:

    I think you should just get

  181. Nick says:

    this SUX!!! For $39.95 you can pretty much buy all that lil gear they give!!!!! whats FREE MONSTER??? im one of your BIGGEST FANS!

  182. Zach says:

    Ive been purchasing monsters for the past 2 years and have just now seen the cans with information on saving tabs. Are the stores able to sell old cans? or is there another promotion going on?

  183. dusty says:

    I came across this post back in january, I had just gotten the monster logo tattooed on the top of my hand, and I was hummed that the promotion had ended, I contacted monster and gave them mad props, they hooked me up with a free book of stickers, still I started saving the tabs, I had over 300 before I sent my order in, its jacked up you can only get 2 items per household,

  184. Brady burr says:

    does it matter wht type of monster tab it is

  185. Johnson says:

    I think its pretty shitty you still have to pay shipping and handeling when obviously more spending money for the tabs then those half ass made shirts just sayin

  186. Kyo Le says:

    Do the Circle tabs from the Glass bottles of Monster and the SIckers from the Import/Dub edidtion Monsters count as well?

    Also I want the Backpack but don’t see it on here…

  187. Matt senters says:

    Its 6/4/12 and I’m getting a monster can everyday that says to calect all the tabs to redeem a gift. But ur saying this has been over since. Dec. Of 2011. WTF I been drinking the piss out of these and collected all these tabs and now i see this damn…

  188. matt says:

    Do the lids off the bigger cans and stickers off the imports count as tags to submit?

  189. im sexy and i know it reel name is adam webb says:

    i got mine i 1 day

  190. im sexy and i know it reel name is adam webb says:

    i got mine in 1 day awsome………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!————————————————————————————————it is so cool go monster

  191. chuck says:

    i’m even saving them monster energy tabs

  192. chuck says:

    monster energy is awesome.

  193. Natasha says:

    hey this is awesome becuz just resently i started collecting all my family’s monster tabs… this will be really fun!!!! thnx monster

  194. matt says:

    do the tabs off the BFC’s count because they are just green and have no emblem and i have been drinking those.

  195. trevor says:

    make the web site better

  196. Jack Belden says:

    can you send in any tabs like rockstars and team real trees and venom and twist of caps from mega monster ?!!!!!

  197. Jack Belden says:

    i aske somthing and it didn’t post so how do you do it!Q!!!!!!!!!!

  198. monster fan says:

    So the backpack 60 tabs and monsters 3$ a peace that means its cost 180$ cash plus shipping and handling fuckin rip off this monster gear is a fuckin joke come on people you can buy monster gear cheaper than that this tab bullshit nothin but a fuckin rip off

    • Jared Guynes says:

      Woah, relax. No-one is saying that you should buy Monster JUST to get the gear. The point of this is dude, that if you are going to drink a Monster or two a day ANYWAYS, you might as well be able to earn rewards off of it!

  199. Courtney Morris says:

    Can you get the T’s in smaller sizes??

  200. Courtney Morris says:

    Can you get the T’s in smaller sizes??

  201. Gracie-Kaoru says:

    For the sending in process, are the caps, (For the more expensive Monsters) Accepted? Or is it just the tabs for the smaller ones. Please do not tell me that the promotion is over, because I don’t care. I know, but I just wish to know if they are accepted period. Thank you.

  202. Robert says:

    C’mon Monster!!!!! I Got my tabs Ready to Redeem but see that you don’t have any XXL Gear and a small variety of styles to choose from. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT????!!!!!!

  203. carly caraway says:

    Why is it still on the cans we have 270 tabs sitting around

  204. Melissa says:

    Are there different items or the same as listed above? Thanks!

  205. Jay says:

    Most of you are idiots. All these comments and only a few thank you’s. Thanks for the info. The idiots should commit suicide before they populate the planet with more idiots. No worry about flaming since they can’t read any damn way.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  206. clark stephens says:

    I have been trying since 14july 2012 to order the free stuff using the pull tabs promotion. I have tried to set up an account using my email , wives, sons email accounts just to get a confirmation code so i could order the stuff. I have resent it numerous times from each account and still no luck, can somebody tell me the secret so I can order the gear. I have even sent emails through the contact us site at the bottom of the home page asking for help. Thanks

  207. brandon loando says:

    Im a monster freak i drink 4 a day plus collect tabs from friends and family.ive already gotten two hoodies and 4 shirts last christmas and i just received a backpack another hoodie and stickers and now im turning in tabs to get 3 mens and 3 womens a really big fan of MONSTER that i custom make the M logo out of raw aluminum and polish it up in all sizes for emblems on tow hitches,grills and anywhere you can put them

  208. Alex garcia says:

    I have been trying since 10 may its good stuff tanks

  209. Henry Lima says:

    This is a nice monster deal , i proud 2 show my monster logo

  210. Henry Lima says:

    Is nice to be a monster

  211. felix machuca says:

    wanted to know if i can get some free coupoms ive been drinking youre product for years my address is 4451 springwells detroit mich 48210

    • Rachel says:

      He is just a blogger, he does NOT work for monster. Congrats, you just posted your address to anyone in the world who wants to send you shit.

  212. marcia duby says:

    i drank thousands of dollars work og monsters over the summer never new i could get gear with them iam now saveing again i want a sweat shirt bad

  213. I send 270 tabs in n I got my stuff n I really like it a lot. I go find monster tabs n I do drink monster n collect monster cans n other stuff. I got my work crew looking for my monster tabs n they rock. I have a monster energy man cave 4 all my monster gear n other stuff. Plz write back soon.

  214. EVE says:

    Just to get this straight the new promo is back and it ends on 12/31/12 right??? I also want to tell Jared that I’m really impressed on how patient u r with all this people specially the ones asking the same questions u have answered soooooo many times ur a great guy :-) :-):-):-)

  215. J.D. WESTSIDE says:

    monster is da sh$t!!!! no lie,no lie no liiiiiieee

  216. J.D. WESTSIDE says:


  217. jesse layton says:

    RIP OFF 40$ it said FREE so its not thats bullshit

  218. matt says:

    Just wanted 2 know is the monster tab promotion still going on? Are you still able to order and recieve free monster gear with monster tabs?

  219. Michael dyke says:

    I love monster

  220. high and mighty says:

    I’ve got many killer Green tabs and would like information on where to send for
    a Hoodie and shirt!!!! please twenty foot sideways roosters kick ass! Thanks.

  221. Anthony David Camara says:

    I’m trying to order gear now. But I don’t get the confirmation E-mail sent to me, every time it says click here to have confirmation link sent to your E-mail. And I never get it, why can’t I activate mt account?! Anyone?

  222. cheri flecha says:

    Hello my husband loves monster drinks , he drinks them all the time. I was wondering if u have a 2X I would live to get him shirts and sweat shirts….. Thank You ; ))

  223. Penny Roberts says:

    I drink 3to4 monsters a day LOVE LOVE them i need free stickers

  224. meddie garcia says:

    hi im a big monter enegy fan i got my stuff recived so those guys are great and im saving tab again to get more stuff

  225. meddie garcia says:

    hi im a big monter enegy fan i got my stuff recived so those guys are great and im saving tabs again to get more stuff and of course drinking more monsters the greens my favorites it came anothers CUBA LIME MMMM SO GOOD!!!!!!!

  226. luuis says:

    were can i send my tabs to, to get free gear??

  227. steven stephens says:

    i drink 7 to 9 monsters daily including the new one ultra zero i need to get some sponser to sponser my gear on my bike doing it all out going hard for the monster yeahhhhh

  228. summer says:

    i can not find yhe order fourm to print out

  229. austin says:

    when does it ship? do u think its a waste of money?

  230. nathan gasca says:

    do you guys have a 1-800 # that i can call ?

  231. joe says:

    Does it matter what color the tabs are?

  232. Rachel says:

    You have a ton of patience.
    I would have probably blown a gasket a few times if I were you.
    I just spent an hour reading all of the comments because I could not get past how everything was “your” fault, when you stated multiple times that you were just a blogger.
    You are amazingly patient and kind. I do not know how you do it.

    Jared, you have earned more respect from me in the past hour than I have ever respected anyone in my life. Brace your self for more stupidity to come here soon, I can see this repeating itself and people still not paying attention and reading. Lol

    Much Love & Respect!

  233. Heath Gannaway says:

    What exactly does it mean if my order is “On hold”?

  234. lorenG says:

    I’ve just begun collecting tabs. Could I register for gear when I have enough?

  235. Regina Neal says:

    I have hundreds of tabs, and I did not there was a dead line, please get back to me about any new promotion in the future, because I logged on to get started, just to find out I was to late.

    sincerely frustrated

  236. Dae says:

    i have about 515 tabs and now that i collected them all. . . . now you want me to spend more money just to get some merchandise! that is cray. i am super upset about that and think that the people who started the Monster energy drink can afford to give out some things for all the people who support them and pay their mortgages and their fancy cars… BULLCRAP.

  237. paige says:

    i just started drinking monster a couple months ago i had over 345 tabs and we were about to order and we had a house fire it really sucked because we lost them all and it took us abot 2 months to find a new home only cause i couldnt go a day with out 2 monsters i really love them

  238. kathy says:

    I ordered for 2 tshirts on my kindle fire….. I do not have a printer! I need an address to send my tabs to before January 7, 2013! What’s the address? Also how do I post mark it?? My daughter is waiting on hers… help

  239. Monster lover says:

    I can’t seem to be able to put in an order and it’s only December 29th. The website doesn’t work when I try to fill out an order. Anyone have any ideas WHY? WTF?

  240. i llloooovvveee monster says:

    I just got all the tabs needed but it already ended. Can I still send the tabs? nd also were to?

  241. Kasey says:

    Sorry if someone has asked this already but to be honest i didnt want to read all the comments.I was wondering if you have heard if Monster is doing the tabs in 2013 due to i have like 400 tabs and wasnt sure when the due date was and i had to save money up for shipping.Thanks

  242. Michaela says:

    okay so was there a 2012 promotion? cuz as far as I know there was, and did it end? cuz I have a shit ton of tabs to turn in if still possible

  243. Nicholas Cone says:

    Is it all green monster gear? I only drink Blue and black Ice. about 16 monsters a day.

  244. Nicholas Cone says:

    my appendix already took a burst on me, so i slowed down on the monsters now only about 6 a day.

  245. matt says:

    Oh man I’m disappointed no more comments after october? I was gettin a good laugh from some of the stupid people on here. Thanks for the patience man, I promise not all of us are that stupid.
    by the way, nice ‘maro dude. More of a third-gen guy myself, but that car is a beast.

  246. Nicholas Cone says:

    not all of the monster tabs have logos on them, will they still count?
    I have about 500

  247. Nicholas Cone says:

    All I want is Blue monster gear

  248. Steven Curran says:

    will there be another chance to cash in the tabs in 2013??

  249. Maggy says:

    Is there going to be a promo for this year?

  250. Jaz says:

    Will the tabs promotion come back in 2013 cause I have 68 tabs and want a sweatshirt and beanie hat!!

  251. josh says:

    Anyone know if they are going to do another promotion like that for free gear in the near futur?

  252. judy hultquist says:

    when do we start saving tabs for free gear?please let me know.

  253. Valerie says:

    They should put out some Monster Khaos gear. I hope they do another promotion. I want some gear!

  254. i love monsters there the shit,expessaully the green ones…

  255. Josh says:

    Save tabs always…. It’s easy to do that!!! Hope they doing it again this year I’m over 500 tabs.

  256. Brad says:

    I placed an order in December, tabs were verified a short time after. I have still not received anything or had an update. A simple e-mail saying something like ‘..we haven’t forgotten about you and we are working on getting your order filled.’ would be nice.

    I know the boat from China is slow, but come on, get it together.

  257. nicholas cone says:

    i have 500tabs

  258. Kenny says:

    The promotion is a scam. I did 2 redemptions. The first one went good I got my gear. The second one I paid the shipping dec 31, and sent out 230 tabs jan 7. Well April 6 I get my shipping check refunded for $24.75 with no response.

    So I called Monster at 888-322-4466 ext 585 and basically was told my tabs were never received and blamed it on the Post Office. BS! The girl didn’t give a crap! Just so everyone knows Monster uses a Fullfillment company to process these orders. Monster does not handle these tabs themselves. So if the Fullfillment company makes a mistake and doesn’t process your order, they just blame the Post Office. It really is a Scam!

    So I will tell my kids no beanies or backpacks. Really shame on Monster. If anyone has done this promotion it takes a lot of effort.

    No more Monster crap here. Anyone want to buy my Monster fridge?

    Jared I’m sure you love Monster because they pay you, but pretty hard to defend this Rip Off Scam

    • Jared Guynes says:

      Surprisingly: they dont pay me.

      There are all kinds of levels of support and sponsorship within Monster, and at the level I am currently at you could call it something like “heavily supported”. I still have a normal day job like all my friends.

      People are surprised when they find out that Monster uses a 3rd party for these promotions, heck, they use a 3rd party to handle nearly everything. Its a very large company and they outsource a lot.

      Its a darn shame that they could not tell you where your tabs went. I would not go far as to call it “a scam” (like a company who makes billions would want to scam people out of $26 bucks, lol) but I would agree that this situation was not handled professionally. Thats just me speaking as myself.

      Really sorry to hear how it worked out for ya Kenny.

  259. teresa riggs says:

    i wqqd like too see monster kaos,rehab both in orange cans in the big cans with the twist iff lids as well as the red can i think is the rijo tea. i would also like to see monster gear in these colors,.

  260. Andy Netvor says:

    Will the Tabs promotion return anytime soon? AND are there any websites that sell Monster apparel?

  261. Paul summers says:

    Will there ever be another reward thing

  262. Theodora says:

    Hey should we still be saving the tabs? It would be great if you had another promo comming out. ,’-) . Im going to save mine just for your next promo offers.

  263. Bob says:

    LOL i work at a recycling center and i have been poppin tops every now and then for a week and already have 100

  264. james webster says:

    most likely a waste of time but I have well over 300 tab paid for by my self cause I drink two a day min. work and sell monster all night long and im wondering if I should keep saving them

  265. Robert says:

    I like get free stuff put .me on mailing list. How do I do this.

  266. donnie says:

    hi my name is Donnie and i like your gear me and my friend Taylor want to know how much is that car with all the monster logos on

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