Monster Energy Free Gear Tab Promotion 2012

Hello Everyone,

I would just like to report some information that I have been given in regards to the re-start of the 2012 Monster Energy Free Gear Tab Promotion for 2012. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Also be aware, I do not receive your orders, see your orders, or have access to your order information. Sorry about that.

The 2012 Monster Energy Free Gear Tab Promotion will begin on May 1st 2012.

  • The URL for the promotion is
  • Monster is STILL working on fulfilling some orders from the 2011 Tab Promotion, many have been waiting since late 2011 to get their stuff shipped due to the popular demand.
  • The tabs you can send in do NOT have to have the M-Claw logo on them, but they CANNOT be the stickers from a Monster-Import, or the lids from a BFC or Ubermonster. Just tabs. So, once again, that is the TAB on Original, Low-Carb, Rehab, Assault, etc etc etc. Even Monster-Java tabs work.
  • The promotion is only for the USA.
  • The promotion size selections will likely not include sizes over 2X, and might not even have 2x at all (we will not know until May 1st).

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153 Responses to Monster Energy Free Gear Tab Promotion 2012

  1. Redman says:

    Hey guys whTs up
    My lady and myself heard about the promotion for gear for tabs last year even though we have been Monster maniacs for many years now but we were to late last year but ever since we have been saving like crazy 2 cases a week and we are really stoked to be able to represent all the monster gear we will have at all of my events with the rest of my street bike club “Revolucion Ryders” as well as all of my brothers and my dirt races so like I said we can’t wait to support with all our authentic gear to go with our already super tricked out monster bikes…. Well anyway thanks again and much love coming from New Haven CT.
    Keepin it Monster green Redman and the 203 boys on the scene!!!!!

  2. vickie says:

    been waiting for this to come back. have two grandsons that love monsters.. this will be their xmas presents

  3. Brady Clapp says:

    The cans are already in circulation have already had a couple and they are the same as all the monster tabs.

  4. Konnor Jackson says:

    So I had a question that wasn’t answered very clearly. The origanal tabs that DO NOT have the moster claw on them… ARE… or ARENT… Accepted as “Tab payment”???

  5. john says:

    I have 48 tabs that have been waiting for this!

    • kyle says:

      ya i seen it start again and i been saving cans to recyce like i always do and ended up having like 50 tabs already in my recycle…legit bro…wanting that backpack and a hoodie and a shirt lol

  6. Jeff says:

    When does this promo start? It’s 6 am cst and nothing as of yet. I figured the promo would start at midnight.

  7. Konnor Jackson says:

    I want to get my order in… theres a link on the MosterEnergy home page but nothing happens when you click it! it just says that the promotiopn is over and orders are still being filled… please help I want to get my order in fast!

  8. kolmann baker says:

    when will this promotion end?
    i have 169 tabs and im wondering how much longer i can save up

  9. Alaina says:

    Do you happen to know the shipping address of where to ship my tabs? I placed and order, have the order confirmation and when I printed to order as stated to do so, i did not recieve and address of where to ship my tabs or how to ship my tabs.


  10. Chris says:

    Hey glad you guys are doing this again.. However I did this last time on the last day after post office had closed. Didn’t find out till after I had submitted info for credit card that tabs had to be post marked that day.. Was still charged like thirty bucks shipping even though I never sent tabs and there was no way to contact you guys since website was pulled like two day later. What should I do?

  11. Shawn Lisjack says:

    I looked up terms and conditions of use for the 2012 Monster Energy Tab Promotion.

    Here is the link:

    All orders must be placed online through and postmarked by December 31, 2012.

  12. michael merritts says:

    i just want to say that it is shitty that they are not offering the shirts and hoodies and larger than xl, i wear 2xl shirts and hoodies, i did not get enough saved for last year so i saved them all for this year now i can’t get anything but a back pack!!!! sucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. J Roman says:

    just ordered 2 bags, a shirt and a hoodie… I’ll let ya’ll know how long it takes to receive.

  14. david says:

    when does it end???

  15. Jeff says:

    I like the new swag but I was hoping for something bigger like a bike or skateboard. Maybe even some headphones or something.

  16. Maddie says:

    When does this promotion end?

  17. charlie davis says:

    I have over 300 tabs… I think I should get something!

  18. charlie davis says:

    Also I was hoping that mabe we could get some drinks, like a 12 pack for 100 or something

  19. Hayden Lewis says:

    Hey guys! I got a bunch of monster tabs and really thank you for this! Is it $4.95 EACH? For every item? If so that’s bs because a book bag…calendar……and jacket obviously way a lot different and ship different ways. Also can you combine shipping? Get multiple prizes? Can I use rehab tabs

  20. Shawn Lisjack says:

    I ordered my Monster Gear and I cant wait to receive the items. I know its a 8-10 week wait to receive everything but it is well worth the wait. Monster is pretty accurate when It comes to approximate delivery time for items ordered. I got my 2011 tab promotion Items exactly 9 weeks from when they received my tabs. I like how a registered user on the Monster site can log in and check their order status. Monster also emails you when your Monster Gear has been shipped to you. I love the Monster Gear from last year and cant wait to sport my 2012 Monster Gear.

    One thing that I would have loved to see as a 2012 Tab Promotion Item would be some Monster Hats. Hopefully next year.

    Also, thank you Jared for keeping everyone up to date and answering their questions. Monster Camaro ROCKS!!!!!

  21. Hope says:

    wait so u cant send in monster tabs with the M on them?

  22. Roger Addante says:

    Are the caps with the stickers accepted ?

  23. Shannon s says:

    do the tall can caps work for this ?

  24. LOWELL BERG says:

    whats mail address to then do my mail tabs

  25. Mario G says:

    One question, do the tabs from the 12 ounce cans work too? Because they are a little cheaper and you can see that the logo on the tab is smaller as well. I just don’t want to send those in only to find out a month later that they’re not accepted.

  26. MASON. says:

    i have 113 tabs, but this website doesn’t tell me how many tabs each thing is wtf

  27. MASON. says:


  28. Cathe says:

    Sooo when does this promotion end?

  29. Zack says:

    WOW!!! i never even knew this acually existed!! My girlfreinds counting my tabs now and she 450!! THANKS MONSTER =D

  30. Sweet! Thanks for some new cool gear Monster! Glad to see stickers added!

  31. jacob says:

    Haha. Been savin them forever just for fun! haha i have well over 600 lmao

  32. Ethan says:

    How much is shipping and handeling

  33. Oliver says:

    So can we use Gift Card Master Cards to pay for the Shipping and Handling?

  34. william says:

    what is the adress

  35. Sanita says:

    Just to keep up with everyone who is sending in their tabs. Make sure you use a padded envelope and get a tracking number. Last year, i sent in 140+ tabs and they took my 30 dollars. I haven’t received anything and called today. They said they haven’t received anything and is refunding my s&h money……lame, more money i have to spend now.

  36. kr3wmasta says:

    How do we send them in?? and where do we send them into?? and how do yal go about dishing out gear with/without tabs first/after?? Do yal have to receive the tabs first?? Cause i ordered a shirt just now and all i had to was pay for the shipping/handling..

  37. lydia says:

    last year i got 2 sweaters 2 boy shirts for my son and 2 girl shirt for my daughter and i ordered them the last day that was dec 31 and i recieved them in april it was worth the wait my kids loved everything i thank the monster gear people for this promotions. Alot of my friends did not get a chance last year but this year they will

  38. Emberlee says:

    are B.F.C tabs excepted to get gear?

  39. rory says:

    The only tabs sold now are m logo. This makes no sense!!

  40. rory says:

    I donated my 1500 tabs to a cancer benefit. Get on my level.

  41. Kelly says:

    I have tried numerous times to get a my account confirmed. No email ever. Not in spam either. Unable to order. What gives? :(

    • Kelly says:

      I had a friend send for me…must be some security setting on mine preventing the confirmation email. But I got it! My bad. :(

  42. Keith McFalls says:

    are B.F.C tabs excepted to get gear?

  43. Big AL says:

    Hi, did I read this right, contest is for USA only ? Im in Alberta Canada Last year
    we were included WTF

  44. Austin says:

    Is the old Monster tabs accepted? I have a few from a few years ago (Made a necklace) and wanted to use them. Am I able to?

  45. Nes says:

    I sent in my tabs on 06/18/12 from Southern California, and got an email from Monster on 06/21/12 that my tabs have been verified!

    Received an email on 07/02/12 that the items have been shipped via USPS with a tracking # to arrive on 07/05/12.

    Well, today is the 5th and I indeed receive my items! As for the backpack, I am very impressed It measures at approx. 20 inches tall, and 16 inches wide, and believe me it is definitely a full-sized backpack.

  46. erich says:

    when does it end???????????????

  47. George says:

    I’m drinking a monster right now reading these comments. I have about 90 tabs or so, I hope the shipping doesnt take forever like some of these people are saying! but if it does no worries, I just wanna get my products.

  48. Shawn says:

    how many tabs do we need or is it like send in ______ # and get ______ and do java monster tabs count?????

  49. JB says:

    I was wondering about monster BFC tabs do they count and if so are they worth 2 cuz they are twice the size and price?

  50. Chelsie says:

    Where do we send the tabs to exactly?!? Like whats the address?!?!

  51. Nick says:

    Is this every year????? could i just save up more tabs for next year

  52. Nick says:

    Im drinking monster right now lol

  53. andrew says:

    where do we mail in the tabs.I’m kinda confused on where we mail in the tabs.Does anone have the adress

  54. Raymond Bell says:

    So the tabs don’t have to have the monster logo on them??

  55. andrew says:

    where do we mail in the tabs

  56. alan says:

    does it matter what color tabs you send in?

  57. Desiree says:

    ^_^ I have 90+

    I love monsters.
    I been saving just cuz I wanted to then my bf told me bout this so. Ima get some monster gear. Awesome^_^

  58. Desiree says:

    Where do we send the tabs to??
    Like wat is the address >.<

  59. Justin says:

    I just turned in my tabs last monday I sent in 135 for the hoodie and backpack and i already have been tab Verified and my order will be here wed so it only took me a week and a half to send the tabs and recieve my product pretty ligit to get he so fast.

  60. Jonathan says:

    Ok so i have my 60 tabs for the backpack. How long will it take for the tops to be sent? is there anything special i need to do like inform the mailer that these are for a promo so they dont throw them away. And last is it 4.95 for the tabs and the backpack altogether or 4.95 each like 4.95 for the tabs then 4.95 for the backpack?

  61. danny says:

    we just turned n 300 and still have abt 100 left

  62. MonsterMe says:

    I used 530 out of my 800 + tabs for my order. I paid $65 for S&H. I got 2 of each promotional gear except the calendar, and I shared them with friends and family. I’ve been drinking a Monster everyday for many years, but I started to collect the tabs only a little over two years ago. I’m telling you, this is cool stuff! Send in your tabs!!! No joke. I’m a 51 year old granny.

  63. Michael says:

    Do java monster tabs count too?

  64. tabitha says:

    I was wondering how much is the ubermonster tabs worth n e 1 know?

  65. andreea says:

    i have 280 tabs i collected since last year…so ready for monster stuff :D

  66. caleb says:

    do the 24oz knob caps count as a tab for promo ????? pls email me i wont find this site again prob email is thanks would like to know

  67. michael says:

    Hey just curious some beer can tabs are green just like monster tabs in case u didnt know.

  68. Duane Beasley says:

    Every one says all these tabs are so great, I have 500 tabs. So again where the hell do i send them?!?! uge

  69. Brandon Bankes says:

    hi i sent for a back pack n got it, it is awesome it has a cooler in it and everything …very impressed, i was so impressed me n my buddys have gone together on collecting as many tabs as possible i have 285 tabs and ready to turn them in for some more backpacks and sticker kits , i just got on computer and the website wont load what do i do? i would really like to send them asap thanks again …… ps i sent the monster camaro a stamp for a autographed photo and i sent one for the k&n promo you had the first day you posted on facebook and still havent recieved anything yet was curious whats going on ? thanks so much

  70. Shaskins says:

    Think it’s ridiculous that the big cans with lids are not accepted when they cost more. Red bull is sounding better!!!

  71. steven stephens says:

    how can i get sponsered with monster for my bike upgrade

  72. Aaron says:

    How do you turn them in? and did they stop doing it already?

  73. Bry says:

    What is the address to send the tabs to?

  74. Doctor K says:

    Man, wish I could drink Monster to help my man out with this promo. >.<

  75. Danny says:

    What All Do Thay Have to Trade Case i Have 880 Monster Tabs! and I Wanna Trade For Murch!

  76. Josh says:

    I never received the ship to address after completing my order and monster isn’t contacting me back about it. If anyone has the ship to address, i would appreciate it if you could tell me what it is.

  77. Jazzel says:

    How many tabs are needed for a sweat shirt?

  78. jeremy says:

    Do the tabs have to be sent by the 31st or recieved by the 31st?

  79. Mike says:

    Are the “M” claw logo tabs worth anything?? Was wanting to get my daughter a hoodie for Christmas…. Or can I just buy these items somewhere?

  80. jeremy says:

    Do tabs have to be recieved by dec 31 or order placed by dec 31st? Thanks

  81. celina says:

    will it still count if we send them in for 2012 if we send in our tabs within the week? if so how and where do we send them?

  82. Donnie says:

    Hi my name is Donnie sheilds I was woundering how many
    Tabs do I need for a zip up hoody

  83. Donnie says:

    Hi my name is Donnie I was woundering how
    many tabs do I need to save for a zip up hood.

  84. Valerie says:

    I know it’s only a few days before the promotion ends, but I really wanted to get me stuff, the only problem is that every time I try to pick a size for the hoodie, or add something to the ‘cart’ nothing happens ! Is it like a glitch ? Or is there no merchandise left ? :c I saved up a lot of tabs, so I’m going to be very disappointed if I don’t get my merch v.v

  85. jeremy says:

    no more responses?? Are all tabs due by 31st or orders have to be placed by 31st

  86. Laura says:

    I have been trying all week to get my order in , but the sight won’t confirm my registration by sending me a registration confirmation email. I can not complete my order with out it. HELP!!

  87. BIGGUNZ says:

    I’m having trouble getting in to the URL website given to place my order. Is it shut down permanently, if not what is the last day top place my order.?

    • Danielle says:

      Im having trouble getting the URL to work too and today is the last day, what do I do??

    • Dissapointed says:

      What a bummer, pretty p.o.ed i can’t order mine either, last day too, so much for all the trouble of buying their brand and saving. Guess i won’t be wearing their advertisements.

  88. Scott says:

    The url dosen’t work. Is the promotion over??

  89. chris says:

    I too am looking for the address. I never received and email that said print like web site says it would. please help if you can jared guynes or sanita?

  90. Michael Cellucci says:

    How many years has Monster been running this promo? Is this expected to be available for 2013? I have 415 tabs!

  91. erica says:

    im seriously about to get angry. i cant access the website, and i have 660 tabs to spend. today is the last day to send these in. please help before i smash something.

  92. justin says:

    Is the site down?? to order i was thinking that it wasnt till midnight as in 7 more hours!! dont tell me im to late!!

  93. Noe Carmona says:

    WOW….don’t know what to do I had my account set up and and I was going to checkout today and they shutdown the webpage to redeem them…Have like 500 tabs pretty bummed hopefully they do it again next year…is there anyway I can still redeem my account?

  94. mike oswalt says:

    I have spent a lot of money on monster energy and saved the tabs. site is down or removed or whatever. I have till what tonight to place my order and it doesnt work. whats up. need answer………

  95. kourtney says:

    i have been trying to get my order in for an hour it is now 12:00 i cant get my order now because of errors on your page!!:(

  96. sLink says:

    So I’ve been saving up my tabs (and unwittingly, my caps and stickers) for a a while now and have been absent the United States for the past several months. And now it’s over :(

    Are there any spoiler alerts as to if and when the promo will reactivate? I’ve been looking forward to this for a grip.


  97. Heath says:

    Is this promo still going on for 2013?

  98. kyle says:

    what a f!@#$%^& joke have lots of tabs for a free shirt and the site always stopped working until now i tryed for three months to sent up my stuff and spent hunreds on your drinks saved tabs showed my support to you and nothing no free shirt you suck thanks for nothing monster why even offwer something like this and dont even hold up anything thanks for nothing thanks

  99. Brenna says:

    Hey are you guys going to do the free monster gear again this year; 2013?

  100. Jeremy says:

    Is anybody having trouble getting a reply on order status from Monster? I placed my order in November and it still says tabs verified. I have email monster over three weeks ago and still no response.

  101. billy jo schultheis says:

    when does it start again…..n 2013 anyone know

  102. kenny says:

    Can u still send tabs in or is it over for good

  103. jack says:

    love the website nnnneeedd freeeeee stufff would like free shirts and stickers and drinks and,alllllllll stuff please…………. llloooovvveee mmmmooonnnsssttteeerrrreeennnrrrggggyyyyyy………………….

  104. Brad says:

    Placed order in December, tabs verified, I still haven’t received anything. I spent $20 on shipping. I hope they will fill my order or refund $$.

  105. Randy Young says:

    I GUARANTY YOU I HAVE DRANK MORE MONSTERS THAN ANYONE IN THE WORLD… I drink an average of 10 a day 7 days a week… It’s 7:00 am and I’ve had 2 of the 24oz and one 16 oz…. Already… I usually finish my first one before 5am… I only drink the first one to help me wake up. The rest of them I drink because I like them…. On multiple occasions ill pick up a case on Friday night after work and finish before Sunday… With that being said I saved tabs for a while and tried my best to order prizes before Christmas with NO LUCK…. I gave them to my Girlfriend to try to get the prizes because my job had me on the road and she has the same experience… I had enough to get her and I one of everything plus I gave her brother enough to get one of everything because he was also saving them and he’s the one who told me about the giveaways…. I spent over $10,000
    On Monster Drinks Last year… I only drink the Blue ones I can’t afford the sugar… Anyway how can I claim my prizes???

  106. John says:

    I’m so pissed off. Sent in my tabs on December 28th and have been patiently waiting for my stuff. I finally sent them an email about it and they say they never got my tabs so too bad. Wtf!! They never sent my money back or said that they had a problem with my order, it just ways said processing. Seriously considering switching to a new energy drink.

  107. Andrew Szymanski says:

    Please tell me that 2012 wasn’t the last year for this promo! I only found out about this Feb. 2013. And, I want to get my hands on the hoodie and the beanie, more than anything. I almost have enough for the two of them already.

  108. Joseph Wagers says:

    when do you predict it will come back? i just collected enough tabs to purchase all the appearal

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