NEW – Get free Monster Energy gear with your Drink Tabs! – 2012

The #1 question I get asked on facebook, email and this blog is “When is the Tab Promotion coming back?”. Everyone got so excited when Monster Energy rolled out their extremely popular “Tab Promotion” back in 2011, giving away shirts, hoodies and hats in exchange for Monster Energy Can Tabs. I blogged about it on this page, and it ended up being a post so popular it got over 250 comments. Yeah…

The old graphic from the 2011 monster tab promotion...

So anyways, what you care about is: WHEN WILL IT COME BACK? Well, what I can tell you direct from Monster Energy corporate offices (which I do NOT work at by the way) is that the promotion for 2012 is slated to launch in May. I am not sure what the LINK will be to go to the store to see what prizes you can get for your tabs, but I have a feeling that it will be

I have heard that for 2012, the tab promotion gear will be EXPANDED beyond shirts, hoodies and hats, and will have things like backpacks, lanyards, stickers and perhaps even a bike! None of this can be confirmed until the new promotion launches.

So thats what I got for now, May 2012. Save your tabs, (and your shipping and handling money) and of course keep up with me and the Monster Camaro on facebook for up to the minute updates. I will post as SOON as the new promo goes live. Thanks!


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89 Responses to NEW – Get free Monster Energy gear with your Drink Tabs! – 2012

  1. Haley Hewins says:

    I probably know the answer to this but, are the old monster can tabs accepted? I have a mason jar full of new and old monster can tabs and I wish to know if the old ones are not accepted. Thanks.

    • Jared Guynes says:

      Thanks for asking, and the answer is yes they are.

      • Liquid says:

        Great updates. Good to know it’s coming back, I too have excessive amounts!

      • sam says:

        how is this worth it.. a free sweater if i spend a 100$ on the drink… i can buy the exact sweater for 25 dollars… and i pay shipping… nothing is free about this im paying for the sweater when i purchse a drink… you’re all being fooled

        • Jared Guynes says:

          Think of it this way, its a reward for people who were GOING TO BUY MONSTER ANYWAYS. I dont think anyone is suggesting you should buy Monster JUST to get these prizes… that would be silly and I would agree with you. But for the thousands of Monster addicts out there who buy 1-3 a day anyways, this is a way to give them something for very little additional out of pocket.

        • Caitlyn says:

          I drink that many Monsters anyways, so I might as well get something out of it. I understand that it isn’t free, but if I weren’t saving the tabs, I would just be throwing them away anyways.

        • Corson says:

          Not really because when you buy the drink your getting the tab with it and of you enjoy drinking monsters after awhile you have enough tabs then you can get an ire which is actually a pretty darn good deal cuz instead of paying 100 dollars on monsters and buying a hoodie it would be like 125 dollars if you send in the tabs its 105 dollars plus you get to enjoy a good drink so your the one getting fooled

      • sheena says:

        Wuz wondern if therez gona b a 2013 gear 4 tabz?

    • Denise says:

      I feel like this is a ripoff! I sent in two orders for three backpacks. My coworkers, my husband, and I have been saving our tabs for months! I sent in 60 tabs for his bag and 120 tabs on a separate order for my two coworkers backpacks. I think I actually sent in whatever I had so each order had extra tabs. I used delivery confirmation and they sent me an email saying this:

      Dear denise,
      Your order # xxxxx9563 has been
      Cancellation Imminent.
      You can check the status of your order by logging into your account.We have either not received your tabs or did not receive enough tabs to ship your order. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or by phone at 855 488 1212.
      Thank you again, Monster Energy Gear

      My delivery tracking through USPS says otherwise;
      First-Class Mail®
      December 27, 2012, 11:01 am
      WESTMORELAND, TN 37186

      I will be complaining to the hills on this…you guys have done the math, this is ridiculous. Either the employees are shady and stole the two packages of tabs or this promotion is a f’in ripoff. Yes, even my husband got the same email and both went on the same day to mail and both have delivery confirmation that it was delivered. Bullshit.

  2. Sheryl Morris says:

    What about the resealable tops for the bigger size monsters? Are they accepted? Are they worth two small tabs?

    • Jared Guynes says:

      Bear in mind I am not Monster and do not work for them, but my understanding is that 1 tab is 1 tab, and all Monster Energy tabs count.

      • sam says:

        i dont think they do. they dont have an “M” for monster like the tabs… its just a sticker they can easily be used from another products bottle.

  3. karl smith says:

    What is it that we need besides all tabs to get free gear? Please list anything other information

  4. mr. baker says:

    does a twist cap count as a tab? I have been saving them, also I believe there from the BFC thanks for your time.

  5. Rawbert says:

    $4.95 s&h ahh thats where they get yu its like yu buying it for 5 bucks and giving them tabs at the recycle center they give yu $35 for 1 gallon of tabs monster or not

  6. chanyn says:

    so all color tabs will be excepted??

  7. Bud says:

    I was told that only the tabs with the monster m logo are the only ones, is that right or any monster tabs? I have seen both

  8. Jeff Beezy says:

    If I send my tabs that I have in the mail now with an order can I still receive the hoodie or shirts?

  9. Gary Fox says:

    Everyone in Syracuse, New York wants my Monster Gear that I aquired from my can tabs last year. I wish they would want me as bad as my Monster Gear. It”s the ladies that I am referring to! I can”t wait till you do it again. In the meantime I”ll keep drinking my Monster Rehab drink.

  10. Logan says:

    Im just curious on how long this promotion is cause me and
    My ol lady have been goin crazy on them and I don’t want to miss the dead line

  11. Matt Huffman says:

    Honestly people there’s no need to get flustered about what’s accepted and what’s not just send in what you have collected and monster will take care of you no matter what. That’s just the kind of company monster is.

  12. Brains says:

    Monster Gear Promotion Failure

    The program promised a 4-6 week delivery.

    Monster took my money and I fulfilled my end of the deal, but Monster has failed to send out the promised products in a timely manner.

    It is now April 22nd 2012 (19 Weeks Later) with no delivery in sight. And yay when I do get the gear, I will have a hoodie that will now sit in my closet for 6 months…

    I was sent an email on March 22nd after the product should have been delivered and it stated that ‘due to popular demand’ the items I ordered would not be shipped until April 16th, and that I would receive an email as soon as my order shipped. oh and I would get a free 3″ x 5″ Monster Energy sticker. Big deal. This was more of an annoyance trying to placate me.

    My next steps (if my order is not fulfilled) will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau for fraud and reporting this to the credit card company that I used as a fraudulent charge.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    • bob wise says:

      it took awhile to get my stuff they kept saying it was gonna ship.But i did eventually get it. i plan on placing a order as soon as the next promotion bebins this time so i wont get back ordered again

    • chanyn says:

      well i ordered mine on december 19th and i didn’t get mine till march because of how many people ordered those things. you will get it though

  13. flyisha schroeder says:

    I did it last time and sent in enough for a shirt and beenie but only got the shirt. I hope they have another one iv been saving.

  14. kayla says:

    Uhh. When I go on website which is it says that the promotion for the monter tabs is closed. Well I know that it’s not and whenever I’m on here and I try to click on the gear that I want it wont let me, it just zooms in and when I go on the origional monsterenergy website I can’t find where I have to “redeem” My monster tabs. I have been Getting Mad about this . Anything that I could do ????

  15. Logan says:

    So when does the promotion actually start and see the gear that is up for grabs?

    Cause I would like to know

  16. Mikey says:

    This sucks and is kind of bullshit, sorry for the language but, I drink monsters EVERYDAY and just found out about the tab redeeming i saved up all my tabs and have 34 I go to to see how to do all this so I can get the Awesome men’s T-shirt for a measly $4.95 and guess what… I can’t. This sucks. and is bullshit.

  17. Konnor Jackson says:

    So I had a question that wasn’t answered very clearly. The original tabs that DO NOT have the monster claw on them… ARE… or ARENT… Accepted as “Tab payment”??? Cause I have monster tabs from Assaults and M-80′s that are just colored and DO NOT have the monster M logo on it. those are accepted to, not just green?

  18. Konnor Jackson says:

    I want to get my order in… theres a link on the MosterEnergy home page but nothing happens when you click it! it just says that the promotiopn is over and orders are still being filled… please help I want to get my order in fast!

  19. Nick Church says:

    Is it time yet? If not let me know when, I’m on the edge of my seat here

  20. john says:

    whats the address for the company and if you dont know were can i find it??

  21. jackie says:

    order somthing but never got my confirmation e mail but the took my money from my account any idea who i should talk 2.

  22. tommy turlich says:

    so i have been saving monster tabs without knowing about this promotion,,, i have well over 1500 tabs glued to my wall and its time the come off…… :)

    • crit says:

      Damn! I’d like to see that wall! I bet ur climbing it most of the time, if u drank that many! I’d sure like to have that many at 1 time.

  23. braden says:

    i just wanted to know how much tabs are the backpacks. thanks.

  24. Alex Reyes says:

    How many tabs do you need to save????

  25. dale brooks says:

    I mailed my tabs at the last minute(registered mail) they recieved them in the new year. I waited,and waited,and waited , and called and was assured(i assure we are open/clerks)that all was in the works. It took till April but true to form MONSTER sent me everything that I ordered plus some rockin stickers. Not promoting alky consumption but a bunch of us have found that substituting the green monster as the other main ingredient in J-Bombs not only is a better flavor combo but grows your collection of monster tabs for the new gear for tabs promo. I live in the heartland of the USA (Kansas) where you have to be dedicated to whatever you enjoy and am lucky to live in the area where SCCA racing was enjoyed up close and personal(Lake Garnett Gran Prix) in the 60′s and 70′s. I was also lucky enough to participate in the Karting enduro races that are still held on the same SCCA course twice a year. For a monster rush put yourself in a 100cc 2 stroke or a 125 cc shifter kart(rouhghly the same weight to horsepower ratio as formula 1) and take on the same 2.8 mile road course the legends like Grant Hill or Carroll Shelby raced on. To the people at Monster kudos on a great drink/tab promo etc. You can use any or all of this post with my permission after I view what you are going to use. For info on the Karting Enduro Races contact Garnett Racing Association or The Garnett Kart Club Garnett, Kansas

  26. Alejandra says:

    what adress do you send the tabs to ?

  27. Brittany Taylor says:

    When does the promotion end?

  28. crit says:

    Lets quit complaining and get them sent in everybody!!!!!!!!

  29. crit says:

    I want to know what recycling center pays money for tabs?

  30. KEZIA says:

    i have no clue where to send my tabs too and im getting so unbelievably frutrasted and seriously confused if anyone knows please email me!!
    wnjoy your day everyone >^.^<

    \m/ haha go monster \M/

  31. Taylor says:

    Where do I send my monster tabs??

  32. Taylor says:


  33. Nes says:

    I sent in my tabs on 06/18/12 from Southern California, and got an email from Monster on 06/21/12 that my tabs have been verified! I’ll try and post again when I receive the items to give everyone an approx. time frame of delivery.

    • Nes says:

      Ok, here’s the outcome; received an email on 07/02/12 that the items have been shipped via USPS with a tracking # to arrive on 07/05/12.

      Well, today is the 5th and I indeed receive my items! As for the backpack, I am very impressed :) It measures at approx. 20 inches tall, and 16 inches wide, and believe me it is definitely a full-sized backpack.

  34. Amanda Hancock says:

    Where do I send my tabs? Please e-mail me at:, thanks! :)

  35. rocky says:

    where do i send my tabs?

  36. Nes says:

    You send the tabs to this address:
    Monster Energy
    P.O. Box 21
    Westmoreland, TN 37186

    However, you first have to create the order on the monster website:

  37. Dj says:

    I don’t think you should have to pay that much for shipping and handling it’s supposed to be free gifted u can buy a shirt for tht much and like 2 or 3 beanies for that much I think it’s a bit outrageous

  38. TK says:

    I just received the 2012 Hoodie. The outside looks nice but the inside is some cheap fuzz lining that leaves a nice layer of black fuzz on your clothes when you take it off. Even washing it didn’t fix it. It looks like they didn’t finish the lining and just threw it together. The knock-offs at the cycle shows and the beach are actually better quality than the “Official” gear from monster. I hope the same company didn’t make the t-shirts. Maybe they are worth wearing.

  39. andrew says:

    how do they know if the tabs are real?

  40. kyle hooten says:

    does it have to be from the original monster(green)can or can it be from any of them

  41. Courtney says:

    ARE THE OLD MONSTER TABS ACCEPTED OR NOT?THEY ARE GREEN BUT DO NOT HAVE A WHITE M LOGO IN THE MIDDLE? I still see these on the monsters everyday! Just curious since monster does not feel the need to be specific!!

  42. Memo says:

    I sent my stuff 8/17/12 and today 8/28/12 they verified it. Does anyone one have an approximate of when I will recieve my order?

  43. What sizes of shirts do you guys have. Do i have to have a piece of paper and wright what size?

  44. hillary says:

    got over 430 tabs, cant wait to send them in! does it matter how close you live to the warehouse, i live like 45 minutes from the corona location and was wondering if my shipping time will be faster?

  45. Hayden says:

    where do i send them i need the address please?!?!?

  46. Brad says:

    What is the most gear you can grab in one order?

  47. brian grimm says:

    i was wondering about the choices, i like the old beanie more than the newer one, why did u change the stuff? i liked the old stuff

  48. Patrick Williams says:


    I would like to know if customers are still able to trade tabs for merchandise. I plan on giving most of these goods to a few friends as Christmas presents.
    A friend of mine told me that the offer expires some time this month. Is that true?
    I also have a few questions about S/H.
    I would prefer to be messaged through email, so I can receive notifications of when you respond.

    I appreciate your feedback.

    Happy Holidays.

  49. Donnie says:

    Where do I send the tabs

  50. Bill Updegrove says:

    This server is temporarily unable to service requests. Error code: 95 for sending in my Tabs before the deadline…… THIS SUCKS! I know you are not Monster, but can you help?

  51. Trent says:

    is this still going on a have a crap ton of tabs so i was just curious

  52. Jared says:

    What can I get with 42 tabs.

  53. joe hedden says:

    how do i cash in my monster tabs

  54. joe hedden says:

    do i need to get a catalog for monster gear

  55. T.Coon. says:

    All tabs are acceptable. I do not know about the caps. I’ve saved monster tabs from years ago just because I liked them. I sent in plain colored blue and green tabs. I even sent in tabs that had the ‘M’ punched out of it. All different kinds. I’ve placed 3 orders. I’m still waiting on my last order to arrive as I placed it on Dec 31st and they still have another 2 weeks to get it to me. I’ve never had a problem with an order. I’ve sent in about 600 tabs total for everything. I have at least another 200 sitting in a bag, waiting for May 1st, 2013 when they plan on doing another promo. Idk what all the fuss is about as it is just a way to get free shit. Anytime I see anyone drinking Monster, I steal their tabs. From bars, from my bf’s coworkers, and from the Marines at my Unit. Shut up and if you’re going to complain, don’t participate.

  56. T.Coon. says:

    Also, make sure you read the terms. Last promo, you were only allowed to order 2 of each item. Though, change your shipping and billing info to a friend’s, and ask them to keep an eye out for the package, and tada. Win. The last promo ended Dec 31st 2012 but a new one will start May 1st 2013. You will need to go to once you make an order, you’ll get an email saying where to send the tabs to, and to insert a copy of the email so they know what your order is.

  57. Gary Hilde says:

    I have tabs how do I redeem them, how can I see a list of what I can order.
    Thank You

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