Monster Camaro now sponsored by Hoosier Racing Tire

The Monster Camaro has parted ways with Nitto Tire after a 18 month relationship. Its bittersweet, but Hoosier is a better fit for the camaro and it’s needs at this time. I would like to thank Nitto Tire for their support and compliment the incredible performance of the NT05 tires. They are an outstanding choice.

For 2012-2013, I will now be running Hoosier R6 295/30/18 tires. These tires are a DOT spec, super sticky dry surface tire. Its specially made for traction in all racing situations. Stay tuned for more videos of the hoosier/stoptech combo on the Monster Camaro!

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One Response to Monster Camaro now sponsored by Hoosier Racing Tire

  1. Matt Turner says:

    Are monster going to have bigger thing for tabs.Are there free stuff for M80 or for the brand the monster people drink ?

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