Monster Energy Tabs for Gear Promotion 2013

Hey Everyone,

As usual I am getting all kinds of questions about the Monster Energy Tabs for Gear promotion. Year 2 of the promotion completed on 12/31/12. If you didn’t get in your tabs by then, well sorry. You are not going to get anything.

The good news is that if you still have tabs or are still collecting, you are very smart. Monster Energy is rolling out the 3rd year of the Tabs for Gear promotion soon, and it will have even better prizes than the 2012 promotion. Oh yes, much better.

So the big question of course is “when does it start” and I cant give you that answer at this time. What I can say is that it will be sooner than later, and make sure you save all of your can tabs. When the promotion is live and ready to go, I will make a post about it on the Monster Camaro Facebook Page.

**EDIT** 3/20/13 – Sources at Monster Energy have now relayed to me that the 3rd Annual Gear for Tabs Promotion will begin on 5/1/13. May 1st. Now you know, so start saving tabs everyone! :) BTW, you heard it here first. ;) Remember who loves you….

Hope you guys are having a great year so far!

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85 Responses to Monster Energy Tabs for Gear Promotion 2013

  1. Savannah Jenkins says:

    I have almost 500 tabs, im really interested in this!

  2. Marc Nickerson says:

    Can’t wait for the new gear!

  3. Sandy Cook says:

    Backpack, girls tshirt, hoodie, all EXCELLENT. Well made nice looking. Calendar, excellently made…And beautiful girls. When are you gonna release some of what they were (hardly) wearing in your promotions???

  4. Sam says:

    I have over 1000!

  5. Darren Nordquist says:

    Can’t wait for the new gear as I was going to order gear with all my Monster energy tabs a week ago but the deadline was Dec.31,2012 so guess I got to wait for next gear for tabs to come out .

  6. jason says:

    O I can’t wait to see what’s new

  7. james says:

    i cant wait as soon as my work asked me who would take care of the recycling at work i put up my hand since august i have 986 tabs to date hopefully by end years i will have around 1800-2000 to by a couple of everything

  8. laura says:

    i have no received my gear yet my order n tabs and shipping was paid tabs verified i feel sxamed its going on 4 months!

    • Candi says:

      I Just Got Mine A Week Ago Be Patient It Will Come :)

    • Koleem says:

      I just received my last order today. I put it in Dec. 31st.

    • Aloysius says:

      This happened to me, I had my payment in by the date. They never even asked for my tabs. I emailed them and my money was refunded almost immediately. I had not sent my tabs in as I had no address to send them too. I would send an email requesting the tabs back or possibly just a “tab credit” issued to you for the 2013 promotion.

  9. benji hardin says:

    Love it I cannot wait

  10. Alex Scotta says:

    Do the caps count too, from the big cans? Or should I throw those away?

  11. Anna Henson says:

    You guys are the greatest. Monster Gear is awesome to sport. Keep up the great work and looking forward to the new gear! Anna

  12. hillary chavez says:

    cant wait for the 2013 tab promo to start i got stuff last year and i have about 800 tabs now! cant wait to see what stuff they have this year! thanks jared!

  13. Cheryl Biagi says:

    I am crossing my fingers that the backpack makes a return. I was able to get two last time, and wouldn’t you know it, my teenage nephews “could not live without MY fav backpack”…leaving me SOL…. Please bring back the pack. Much Monster Love! :0)~

  14. Amanda says:

    Can I use the Monster Java tabs as well? They are all I drink..

  15. Frank says:

    Any clues as to what the new gear will be?

  16. jimlee says:

    the promo site has new pics of shirts his/her, sweatshirt and beanie up maybe they’ll add more later.

  17. Winston "Boogalu" Duran says:

    Nice I LIKE…can’t wait either have @ least 1,000 tabs ready for my 10 year old son MONSTER GEAR!!!


  18. Nicole Sheppard says:

    maybe ill actually remember to send mine in this time around.. :)

  19. patti oneal says:

    i would like a cataglog on monster tabs 509 apt a hubert street cambridge md 21613 thank u for u time,,,,

  20. joe mora says:

    hey i am anxious to find out what new gear they are going to come out will any clues any one and not pic of the old gear

  21. Angela Liedtke says:


  22. lydia says:

    I got all my gear the first year about April 23. Don’t get discuraged ur gear will arrive for the one for 2012 I’m still wating but I just got a email that they will be delivering them soon. I can’t wait for this year. Thanks jared

  23. Matt says:

    Whats the shipping time frame from when you place the order like how many business days

  24. david says:

    im putting together a monster truck f150 4×4 lol

  25. Krystel says:

    Do you have a list of how many tabs you need for the different items?

  26. Naomi says:

    I only have 11 tabs, mainly cuz I’m not allowed to drink monster….but i still drink every now and then:) but i have a few friends and we’re all collecting tabs and then when it’s time too send them in we’re gonna put them all together to get somthing big…and then we do a race (with dirt bikes) and whoever wins gets the prize:) it’s really fun rather you win or lose:)

  27. Bruce Aguirre says:

    I would like if your have more backpak, want one i have to much tap

  28. korey lauersen says:

    I hope theres a big nice item for 2013 for those of us with over5, 000 tabs like myself

  29. Shonda ruiz arlington says:

    I love monster gear for 12″ my three boys sport the gear an I put a zip block bagie with a heavy duty magnet inside an attached to as I pass threw kitcken I put tabs in bag an grab another cold monster lol

  30. Heather says:

    How do I get a catalog to order out of??? Thank you!

  31. sean miles says:

    hurry up I can’t take the suspense but you got mad and hats you should come out with more hats and more posters and a lot more stickers

  32. chris says:

    only thing is only 2 per household

  33. Donavon says:

    I hope they include a monster decaled skateboard I would get like 5 of those o and I got almost 500 tabs yay!!!

  34. Sheri says:

    I hope they get ladies hoodies, us girls drink monster too you know :p

  35. Maddie Malice says:

    How do you trade the tabs for gear exactly? Just mail them in with your address? or…?

    I am really excited to do this. Love monster energy and all of its products.

  36. jeremiah hairston says:

    Hope they taking the silver tabs from the Monster xpresso again this year …
    However Im ready …. The tabman has over 5000 yeah that’s right 5000 …
    Im excited ….

  37. james lindquist says:

    What web site is it going to be the same one again to order new gear

  38. Ben says:

    Yea i sent my tabs in on 12/31 180 tabs and never revieved my gear or tabs back or regfunded for shipping and my order got canceled so im kind of sour about this promotion, but i cannot wait to see what gear is available i might give it a second chance

  39. Eric says:

    May 1st to the end of August. Everything is more tabs. No zip up hoodies, pull over hoodies, instead of 70 or 75 tabs it will be 100 tabs. Shipping will be more. All the stuff I received from the last one was all crap! Cheap made in china, target makes better hoodies and t shirts and beanies. I hope all the gear isn’t all black and no color option. Call monster and find out if u think I’m making this up. Only 4 months this time. Not sure if its even worth it. I had to return 5 zip up’s because the zipper was on the wrong side, or the sweatshirt was to small even though the tag said XL. Crap crap crap. But I love monster drinks! Red bull sucks! Red bull cole was cool because it had coca leaf…nice! Good luck. Clothes are crap! Don’t wash em either!

  40. I have a few thousand! Been saving them all since 2007. :)

  41. korey lauersen says:

    Ok its may first wheres the new gear???

  42. korey lauersen says:

    What a let down!!! Its the same old rusty shit from last year!!! Just with higher shipping cost!!!! Fail on your part monster. I have thousands of tabs ive saved for years hoping for a nicer item. Please email me with a better thank you

    • kboxvegas says:

      Not only is the S&H higher but so are the items, last year the backpacks were 60, and now they are 100. Hoodie was 75 and now they are 100. Last year I ordered 2x backpacks, 2x hoodies, 2x tshirts. Last year this would have been 330 tabs and $30 for S&H. This year it is going to be 480 tabs and $53.70 S&H. Honestly I think I am going to pass and just put my tabs up on ebay since I only drink 1 monster a day, I dont have some crazy amount. This suck, I was really looking forward to some new monster gear.

    • Matt Kleinberg says:

      Totally agree now they raised the tabs and shipping for the same items from last year what gives???

  43. Jerm says:

    “Oh yes, much better”??? What made you think that, because the gear looks worse than last year, “costs” more tabs, and actually costs more in shipping. Huge letdown, both on your part, and Monsters…

  44. Jeff says:

    Well that was disappointing. Been waiting for months for the promo to start again, only to find no interesting patterns on the shirts, and the “shipping” prices went up on almost everything. Boooo!!

    I don’t understand the shipping charges at all. We’ve already spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on your company (buying the products that have the tabs) and now we voluntarily want to be walking billboards for you, but we have to pay for the right to do so. Makes no sense to me…

  45. Dianne Rock says:

    My husband and I drink a case of Monster a week. We have over 1500 tabs. Our trucks are decked out with Monster Stickers. Everybody in town know our trucks. My son has about 39-40 cans on his shelves, of all the different kinds and we are still looking for more. Love Monster

  46. paigowtommy says:

    QUOTE “Monster Energy is rolling out the 3rd year of the Tabs for Gear promotion soon, and it will have even better prizes than the 2012 promotion. Oh yes, much better.”

    Really? The same stuff, more tabs, higher shipping and earlier end time. Sounds like someone has been drinking too many Monsters! Unlesd there will be a part 2 from 9/1 – 12/31, this is just sad.

  47. Erik says:


  48. Ray says:

    Same stuff as last year but you need more tabs and higher shipping costs.. SAD!!

  49. Teejay Wilson says:

    I agree korey. Pretty disappointed in monster. Why get greedy same crap cost more tabs and more shipping. Guess that’s the way it goes bigger the company get more greedy it gets.

  50. Vic S says:

    I second that Korey, just about the same junk & 9$ shipping on most items like wtf. We already pay anywhere from 3.50-5 bucks for 2 montser & this how monster does us??? Seriously i dont believe it cost 8.95 to send me some posters plus the 20 tabs = give or take, 59.00 for some paper ehhh. Thanks for the letdown monster

  51. Eric says:

    I had to return 6 zip up monster sweat shirts because zipper was on wrong side! Plus 3 more because the XL was like a large, so small! Couldn’t zip it up. Monster told me I was the only one who had this problem? I thought how could this be? I’m the only one out of millions ended up with a F Ed up sweat shirt! Monster told me this is the last one I will receive! I bought all cans by myself and ended up with 500 tabs! Now monster has a new promotion, no zip up sweat shirts? I wonder why!!!

  52. Eric says:

    This years promotion sucks! Everything is black again! I bought so many sticky rollers because the black catches everything! Put a dark green? Blue? Grey? Red? Anything but black again! All the same crap. The clothes are made so cheap, Walmart has better sweatshirts! Thicker, better zipper…one that works! Backpack is great! This years is ugly! My son loves his backpack, my inside house is covered with monster stickers, same with my car. The beanies are warm and fit great. I ordered 2 XL sweatshirts, one fits perfect, the other one has been back to monster 5 times! Made in china! Really cheap china!

    Don’t think I’m gonna do this years promotion, I have over 400 tabs. Or….order some stuff and sell it on E bay. I can’t believe rob dyrdek is wearing the same crappy shit monster sent me…..I love monster drink! Gave up drugs years ago, monster is my new addiction! Lol. Some of them taste pretty crappy, the protein one made me almost throw up after I forced myself to drink it, not wasting $3.00 that will be discontinued. Right now monster is 2 for 4…really want people buying it, it’s always on sale now…thank u promotion. Just be careful when buying the clothes….it’s really really cheaply made stuff, with the shipping cost you can buy better online or at your local skateboard shop. Good luck. Peace out! Old school!

  53. Jeffrey says:

    Jared so your saying your under the impression that they are going to do another promo starting in sept and running through the end of the year?

  54. Brian says:

    Yeah just seen the video an that’s some bullshit along with the crap gear I got from last year now it’s more expensive wtf monster def never doin this again but still gonna drink monster it’s my crack but fuck you greedy Jews

  55. Teresita says:

    Hey is there an address or something I could send my tabs in this 2013 year? Please tell me so I can get my boo something for his birthday!

  56. cody says:

    i have 3 , can i get the Camaro soon?

  57. Robert says:

    How well do the stuff fit. And how do you now.

  58. Sanders says:

    what about 2014

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